10 hilarious tweets that prove wine helps you win at parenting

Let’s face it, raising a child is no easy task. Last Thursday was #NationalDrinkWineDay, but as a parent you might wonder frewhat the difference is from every other day. Parenting takes lots of patience, cooperation, and at least a few dozen cases of wine every year (a figure that compounds as they become teenagers) to preserve sanity.

When it comes to explaining the benefits in hilarious fashion, these are some of the best examples of we’ve found.

1. Forget about the bake sales…

2. To be fair, it’s better than receiving a graded test with wine stains.

3. This could be part of American Ninja Warrior

4. You’re telling me there’s more than 2 glasses are in a bottle?

5. We call it “exotic pairing”

6. Somebody sign this woman to a deal!

7. Like you have a better way to survive PTA meetings.

(Okay, so it’s beer, but just replace the beer bottle with a wine bottle. It still checks out.)

8. Their trampoline looks pretty sketchy, but they have a massive wine cellar…

9. Sweet child, you have a bright future.

10. Let’s just say it’s a birth mark.

So go ahead, pour yourself another, and raise a glass to your triumphs! 

Mike Meisner

Mike is the resident content creator for the Last Bottle blog. When he's not spilling wine on his keyboard he can be found wandering the aisles in the warehouse with a Coravin in hand, whispering to bottles "This will only hurt for a second".
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