This guy dug a huge hole and made something any wine lover would surely envy

Don’t have room in your basement for a wine cellar? No problem! Just take a cue from Wayne Martin, who raised a few eyebrows in the neighborhood when he starting digging a giant hole in his backyard. But this isn’t some Cold War inspired apocalyptic bomb shelter – far from it! He buried a shipping container underground and when he was finished he had a full blown wine cellar. Regardless of whether the bombs were falling or the wife was waging her own domestic battle in the house, I sure wouldn’t mind taking shelter here anytime!


Wayne recruited a septic company to help drop the container in the hole he dug.




Then he framed the roof and added ventilation and a concrete layer for support.

metal-sheets lay-concrete

Next he added a set of stairs to descend to the opening.


A sump pump keeps water from collecting near the base of the container.


When he was finished he added dirt and grass over the roof, leaving only the stairs as a hint that something special lies beneath the surface.


Voila! A hidden wine shelter makes for the perfect place to retreat.


via Vinepair

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