Wine infused coffee is now a thing

Most of us start the day with a strong cup of joe and end with a heavy pour of wine. But how often have you arrived at work, tired, grumpy, needing to fuel up your brain on caffeine, while simultaneously wanting to fuel your battered soul with a glass of wine? What if you could somehow bring those two amazing beverages together in harmony?


Now you can, thanks to Molinari, a Napa Valley cafe that just introduced a line of coffee beans infused with wine. This genius move came about after two years of R+D. Molinari Private Reserve teamed up with Wild Card Roasters to develop the ultimate cup of joe.

According to FoodBev, the process involves rehydrating the coffee beans in a special red wine, and then roasting them to perfection. The final result is described as “rich, full-bodied coffee with a blueberry note.” Apparently the more milk or cream you add, the more heightened the wine flavors become.

Sadly, there’s no alcohol in the brew. Which might be a good thing, considering the history of certain caffeine-laced alcoholic beverages like 4Loco, which probably wouldn’t contribute much toward office productivity.

Mike Meisner

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