Picture this. It’s getting late in the evening, you worked a long day, and all you want is a glass of wine and a hearty meal. But the thought of cooking is a one-way ticket on the struggle bus to hunger town. No, you need some hearty sustenance that’s easy to prepare without sacrificing the rich flavor you’re craving. And you definitely need a wine to compliment your feast, but that adds a whole new dimension of confusion to your predicament.

Don’t worry. We got you covered.

Potted meat sandwich

Serve with: Salty foods beg for something crisp, acidic, fruity, and full-bodied. With a dish as decadent as this, and a smooth/creamy texture, we’re thinking a new world Chardonnay should be in order.


Photo via u/OSClate

The perfect budget-friendly meal, and you only need three ingredients: potted meat, Miracle Whip, and white bread. Sure, “mechanically separated chicken” doesn’t sound nearly as appetizing as “potted meat” but when you can’t be troubled to slave over the stove, and you feel like sitting in a dark room of your home, there’s really only one option.

Zebra meat + cheese + crackers

Serve with: Given the rustic nature of this snack, we’re thinking old world for sure, probably something easy drinking with a zippy acidity. Rosso di Montalcino should do just fine.


Globalization brings us all sorts of wonderful new experiences, and with an increasing focus on sustainable food sources, it’s more important than ever to diversify your protein sources. While it may sound strange at first, consider this – zebra steak has 1/10th the fat of a normal cow steak. Not sure if that holds true for the canned form, but we’re going to assume it does. But that’s not even the best part about this delicious hors d’oeuvres. In case you didn’t notice, this stuff is preserved with wine, which makes pairing way easier.

Vegan tacos

Serve with: Spicy Mexican food plays nicely with off-dry whites like Riesling or Viognier.


Photo via Imgur

Vegan food gets a bad rap sometimes but with the right combination of seasoning and a carefully selected ingredients it can be downright tolerable. Case in point, these vegan tacos, which are loaded with healthy fats, balanced by a touch of hot sauce. Given the recent rise in avocado prices however, we understand this might be a bit of a financial stretch for some folks.

Burnt frontyard pizza

Serve with: Any good charred BBQ food needs something big and robust to stand up to the flavor. Petit Verdot often brings that smoky, dusty, bbq-sauce flavor needed to accompany a fine meal like this.


This is a love it or hate it type thing for sure, but perfect for those of you out there who can’t get enough of that good char on grilled meats. From the extra-crispy outer layer, to the …it’s like biting into the upper layer of the earth’s mantle. Bonus points if you have the patience to let the pizza age in the front yard for seven days, after which it develops an even more mind-boggling complexity of ash, soil, and detritus flavors, all balanced with a touch of grassyness.

Stuffed moose heart

Serve with: Obviously a full-bodied Cabernet.


Photo via food.com

Nothing says home cookin’ like a big ol’ stuffed moose heart roast, a staple of the Canadian diet. If moose is hard to come by in your neck of the woods, you can substitute cow, ox, deer, caribou, kangaroo, elk, or reindeer. Add a splash of red wine and some whole garlic cloves for that extra “je ne sais quoi” as they say in Alberta.

Poached pears with eggs

Serve with: Sweet desserts need an equally sweet wine. And what better dessert wine than the “liquid gold” of Bordeaux – Sauternes.


Photo via Imgur

By now you’ve surely worked up an appetite for dessert. Don’t think we forgot about the sweets! Baked pears = amazing. Baked eggs = also amazing. What happens when you combine the two? Have you ever seen a double rainbow? Then you already know the result is AMAZEBALLS! This recipe might seem a bit fancy, but we promise, even the most amateur chef can whip it up in no time.

Bonus: PBJ + Maple Syrup + Egg

Serve with: This really depends on the time of day. If enjoying this in the morning, mimosas are the obvious choice. Evening? Probably a juicy, fruity, new world Merlot.


The best part about this meal, aside from the impeccable balance of nutritious protein, healthy fats and decadent sweetness, is that you can make it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. It hits all corners of your tongue like a drunken game of twister. Just fry up an egg, spread a little schmear of peanut butter (you can layer this between toast if you want), and layer a bit of jam or jelly with a maple syrup drizzle to set it off. BOOM! You just nailed the sweet/savory/salty trinity.