Wine country makes an especially great subject. Gnarled old vines hibernating under an ominous gray winter sky. Rows of vines peacefully stretching into the distance over rolling hills. Ripening grapes glowing all shades of green purple in the evening sun. From the unforgiving rocky hills of Priorat to the bucolic rolling green vistas in Sonoma, it doesn’t really matter where you are. As long as wine grows there, there’s always a beautiful moment waiting to be captured, and these Instagrammers do a great job of it.


John captures a great mix of the people, food, vines, wildflowers, old farmhouses, and the overall rustic essence of wine country life in Northern California.


While not strictly focused on wine, this account is one of our favorites from a creative standpoint. It’s like Thrasher Magazine had a baby with Outside and Wine Advocate. One glance at his images and you can feel the crisp fall air or heat rising off the pavement. Most of the shots are centered around life in the historic gold rush town of Lodi, but he also travels to vineyards in Paso Robles and Napa to snag some epic scenes.

“One minute I held the key. Next the walls were closed on me “

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Today anyone can proclaim themselves an amateur photographer. A quick glance at his stunning landscape shots, mostly taken in and around Temecula, and you can tell Stephen Eldred definitely operates at the pro status level.


As the official photographer for Visit Napa Valley, Bob has a sharp eye for great shots. Night or day, he seems to find the action when it’s happening in the vineyard.

Going down #ournapa #visitnapavalley

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Nobody does a better job capturing the spirit of everyday life in Napa Valley than Emma Morris. Whether showing off some farm to table dinner creation, or just serving up a classy bottle shot on the front porch, she perfectly translates wine country architecture, design, style, food, and nature to the small screen.

Sooo…veraison is beautiful. The end!

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This local Napa/Sonoma photographer focuses largely on vineyard shots with the occasional human being thrown in the mix. 


Kemal must have a bottle with him at all times because he always seems to capture a great picture, whether on the beach or a secret watering hole. His profile shows off a beautiful collection of “winederlust” style photos that will leave you wondering “is it wine-o-clock yet??”.


No doubt this winery owner and jetsetter extraordinaire lives a life most of use can only dream about. In between running a business, chartering private yachts and helicopter rides he demonstrates a good eye for photography.

Last night’s sunset over Malibu 😍🍷

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South Africa, Greece, Australia. No place is off limits for this wine traveling chick who makes sure to share her drool worthy libations where ever she might be.


These gals claim to have racked up 3,000+ wine experiences around the world, and judging by their photos that looks to be true. And we thought tasting hundreds of samples each month made us worldly…


We live in Napa, but let’s face it, Bordeaux is the true wine epicenter. We’ve been a bit short on foreign accounts, but this one is a must follow to get a glimpse into the most storied wine region in the world.

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Feature image credit: Ashley Field