Maybe you should ditch the monthly gym membership and use that extra cash to pick up a case of wine instead.

We all know it’s hard to find the right motivation to workout and now we have one less excuse thanks to 24-year-old April Storey. She’s the young health coach created a couple “wine workout” videos that recently went viral.

Her original video focused on an upper body workout, with bicep curls ending with a sip of wine and tricep presses using full wine bottles as weights. Now she released a new video focusing on lower body exercises, doing squats and lunges while holding wine bottles.


She came up with the idea after going to a friends house on New Year’s Eve and proposing that she could use almost anything in the house, from soup cans to wine bottles, as a workout accessory.

“I was getting ready to do a workout, and I saw the wine there and I’m like, ‘You know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video.'”

Coach April Storey

We already know wine plays an integral role in maintaining your health, and now we have an even better reason to include a bottle of red in our health routine. Now excuse us while we gather some 375ml, 750ml, and 1.5L bottles for a set of bicep curls. We’re about to get jacked!

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