Last Bottle Wines Employee Spotlight – Cassidy Hopkins

The Last Bottle Wines Employee Spotlight is a new blog series to highlight the team ‘behind the bottle’. This is our first installment, enjoy!

Cassidy Hopkins
Cassidy Hopkins at a Napa Valley tasting room

How long have you worked in the wine industry and what drew you to it? Was there an epiphany wine that hooked you?

My fiancé! He works in winemaking and introduced me to the world of wine. I moved to the valley in 2019 as a retail manager for a major clothing company not knowing anything about wine. My epiphany wine was Syrah. I remember having it for the first time, Andy (my fiancé) grabbed an old world and a new world Syrah for me to try side by side and my mind was blown! I didn’t realize how many variables each wine has that could change the palette, nose, color, etc.

Are you studying for or have you achieved a wine certification or degree?

The knowledge that I have learned while working for Last Bottle Wines has inspired me to further my education by studying to sit for my Introductory Sommelier course and examination with The Court of Master Sommeliers.

How long have you worked at Last Bottle Wines and what is your role?

I have had the pleasure of working with the Last Bottle team for just short of a year now and it has been the most fulfilling and family-oriented job I have had to date. The owners truly treat you like family. My role is predominately as our Returns Coordinator, which means if there is a packing error, or if a wine is flawed, you would reach out to me. I tend to work with clients who are wine connoisseurs  – for example if you have a specific question or concern about a wine, I would likely be assigned to resolve your issue. 

What do you love about your role and what is its biggest challenge?

There are so many things that I love about my role as I am constantly learning more about wine. I learn from “in the moment” situations with customers, and from sitting in on tastings with the Last Bottle owner team. Each email I receive with a wine question or concern usually leads to me doing some additional research to ensure that I am giving each client the best possible feedback.

My biggest challenge is getting to the bottom of each concern, as it can be hard to know what is going on in a certain situation when involving wine as it can be subjective and dynamic.

How much (or little) do you sleep during the LBW Marathons?

Ha! This marathon I got more sleep than previous marathons, however, this is not the case for one of our owners as he pulled an all-nighter taking pictures of over 700 wines!

What are some of your favorite wines that have sold on LBW?

So many great wines to choose from! Anything from Paul-Jaboulet, Failla, and Salmon Champagne are great! We directly import Paul-Jaboulet and Salmon wines, so they are offered on the site regularly. The Last Bottle owners are frequently conducting tastings with these wines which, we in the office, are not mad about AT ALL!

What is the coolest ‘WOW’ wine you’ve had the chance to taste while working at LBW?

Oh wow, there are so many great wines that we get to try working at Last Bottle! Last marathon we opened a magnum of Cristal and a bottle of Sine-qua-non. Last Bottle CEO Cory says ‘there’s a bottle of California Grenache on the bar’. Me – goes out to bar to see that this ‘bottle’ of California Grenache was none other than Sine Qua Non! As a fan of everything Rhone I did not take this lightly. I yelled across the office ‘THIS ISN’T ANY CALIFORNIA GRENACHE! This is SINE QUA NON!!!’. Probably one of my favorite moments in the office.

What are some of your favorite food and wine pairings?

My absolute favorite pairing is a bottle of Conterno (featured on our sister site First Bottle Wines in the past) and a slice from Oenotri!

If you could open one wine bottle in the entire world, what would it be and who would you share it with?

 If I could open any bottle in the world it would be Conterno Barolo Monfortino Riserva 2010 and I would be sharing it with my fiancé who introduced me to Conterno wines!

Cassidy Hopkins and fiancé Andy
Cassidy Hopkins and fiancé Andy

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