We’ve all seen those fantastic-looking projects on Pinterest that seem so easy, and yet when you compare your finished product to the original it looks like something that emerged from a chemical warfare experiment. Have no fear though, because most of the holiday wine DIY projects below require only the most basic second grade craft skills and yet the final result should yield something at least close to seventh grade quality.

Wine Cork Ornaments


Via Wine and Cork

Wine Cork Wreath

Load that bad boy up with the biggest glue stick you have and gather about 200 corks to get ready for this project. If you drink as much wine as we do, you’ll have no problem finding that many, and while this project may take a bit of time, the end result seems well worth it.


Via Cork and Spoon

Stemware Snow Globes

Head over to your local arts and crafts store and get a bag of glitter and whatever miniature trees/animals/objects your heart desires and you’ll be on your way to completing this beautiful snow globe that doubles as a votive.


Via Camilla Fabbri

Wine Cork Rudolph

If your supply of corks (or patience) doesn’t warrant creating a full blown wreath, consider this adorable Rudolph ornament.


Via Twenty Something Blog

Wine Bottle Santa

We found a bunch of DIYs for dressing up your spent wine bottles, but none were as cute as this Santa.


Via Vicky Barone

Wine Cork Christmas Trees

Here’s another good project if you have hundreds of used corks laying around. Of course you can scale the size up or down depending on how many you have – if you have enough of them to build a full 6′ tall tree, please send us a photo!


Via The Wooden Bee

Wine Cork Ornaments

Handmade ornaments look great on the Christmas tree, and these take just a few minutes to create.


Via Live Love Laugh

Glittery Christmas Character Wine Glasses

Chances are you have an assortment of random wine glasses hanging around from your college days. This project might be the perfect way to re-enlist them into duty before you decide to toss them.


Via My Paper Craze

Cork Angel Ornaments

The La Crema crew puts a different spin on the cork ornament with these little angels.


Via La Crema

Mini Christmas Trees

If the tree above requires too many corks and too much hot glue, try this miniaturized version instead.


Via Stonewall Kitchen

Do you have any favorite ways to use leftover corks for holiday wine DIY projects and crafts? Tweet us a pic of your favorites!