Handlebar Corkscrew Bottle Opener

Hipsters and their moustaches just won’t seem to go away, so why not get your favorite one this matching corkscrew. Only problem is they probably drink most of their wine out of a can. (Buy it here)


Lily’s Home Wine Holder

With its illusion that makes it look like the bottle is literally floating, this unique bottle holder is sure to generate some discussion from your guests. There are two variations, one with a chain and another made from a chrome piece of iron covered in rope. (Buy it here)



Menu Fahrenheit Wine Thermometer

For those of you obsessed with serving the perfect pour every time, this handy device wraps around your wine bottle and provides accurate temperature. (Buy it here)



For those of you who are more comfortable holding a large stein filled with lager, the Winestein offers a sturdy alternative vessel for your vino. You may need to adjust your swirl technique though. (Buy it here)


Black+Blum Flow Wine Bottle Rack

This modern style wine rack is designed to imitate the flow of liquid. (Buy it here)


Glass Tank

When empty this “glass tank” might look like it’s designed for the consumption of illicit drugs, but fill it with wine and you’ll notice it keeps a constant level in the attached glass thanks to a balance of air and water pressure. (Buy it here)


SteadySticks Wine Bottle Holder

If you love bringing a bottle and stemware to a picnic, but get nervous about leaving your it unattended on the grass, this nifty tool will ensure you don’t accidentally water the grass with your favorite Grand Cru. (Buy it here)


Winemonkey Bottle Caddy

Dress your bottle up in this quirky cover, and you’ll be sure to get a few laughs. Makes an entertaining gift, or a perfect slipcover for your next blind tasting party. (Buy it here)


Coravin Wine Preservation System

This is a favorite here at Last Bottle. The Coravin offers a brilliant way to tap into your cellar stash for a taste without opening the bottle. It uses a unique method of inserting a needle into the bottle, which dispenses the wine and replaces the volume with argon gas. (Buy it here)


Good Day, Bad Day, Don’t Even Wine Glass

Let your pour level do the talking. Now your family won’t need to wonder what your status is after a day of work. (Buy it here)


Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine

The popular blog now has an equally impressive book packed with beautiful and informative illustrations. (Buy it here)


Big Mouth Wine Glass

For those of us who can’t seem to pour heavy enough, there’s a solution. (Buy it here)


The Scratch and Sniff Wine Guide

Have you ever been reading about a certain wine and found yourself wishing you could get a better sense for its characteristics? Richard Betts is the Master Sommelier who created this unique book which includes scratch and sniff examples to help you identify various aromatic components of wine. (Buy it here)


The Corkcicle

Sometimes an invention comes along that’s so simple and sensible you wonder why it took so long. The corkcicle is one of those types of products. It’s designed to keep your white wine at the perfect chilled temperature. (Buy it here)


Wine Making Kit

Maybe you have a friend who’s an aspiring “garagiste” winemaker. This is the perfect starting point for them to create their first vintage – and if they do it right, you better believe they’re gonna share it with whoever supplied them with this gift. (Buy it here)


Back Lane Wineries of Napa

With more than 400 wineries in Napa, narrowing down your choices of which ones to visit can be challenging. While the big names are certainly worth visiting, some of the best experiences come from the smaller, family-owned places and this book offers great insight into finding those hidden gems. (Buy it here)


Vin Garde Valise Wine Travel Case

Does flying with wine make you a bit nervous? Even with the best padding surrounding your precious bottles, you never know how those baggage handlers will treat your cargo, but with a sturdy case like this you can be pretty sure that even United won’t be able to put a crack in your Pauillac. (Buy it here)


Neoprene Stemstrap Wine Glass Holder

Have you ever found yourself at a party with one hand gripping your wine glass and the other holding a plate piled high with appetizers that you can’t eat because you don’t have a third hand? As long as you don’t value style, this might be your savior. (Buy it here)


Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens

It’s easy to lose track of your wine glass at a party, but with these wine glass pens you’ll have an easy way to keep track of your glass. These also work great if you do any home canning and want to label the date or contents. (Buy it here)


Riedel Vinum Bordeaux Wine Glass Set

Picking a great set of wine glasses can be overwhelming, but Riedel is a trusted manufacturer for a good reason and this set is perfect for enjoying bigger style reds like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. (Buy it here)


Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

We think wine has the ability to unleash your inner creativity, and what better way to harness it than by creating a sweet symphony? These unique glasses allow you to become a composer thanks to the A-major scale notes etched into the side. (Buy it here)


Feature photo via Flickr (license)