Alert all commands, make room in your cellar, clear your schedule on Thursday, and tap into the fastest internet connection you can find because the next Last Bottle marathon 7 sale is upon us!

The disturbance in the Force against retail pricing is strong here in the office and our warehouse droids have been toiling away to prepare the year-end marathon that’s shaping up to become one for the record books. We’ll have 500 wines offered, more than 50,000 bottles up for grabs, and there will be free shipping for all (well, at least for the lower 48)!

Most of you know the drill – for the newcomers (welcome, you are going to LOVE this), here is the magic, the madness about to ensue: for the next 2 days (or until we completely run out of wine) wines will appear at breakneck speed on the website, and flip VERY quickly as they sell out. The only thing that’s different is these offers will NOT include the usual $25 credit for purchasing the last bottle.


The fun starts at 9AM sharp on Thursday, December 17th and ends when the last deal is gone! We recommend logging into the site so you don’t waste precious seconds when you see a deal you want. That could make all the difference between exclaiming “Thank the Maker!” in triumph when you secure those bottles and screaming out “Son of a Bantha!” in disgust when you reload the page and it’s gone – and trust us, the deals will be coming and going faster than TIE fighters in the mist!

If you aren’t yet a member, click here to sign up and you’ll get $5 credit to use toward your first order. If you are a member, be sure to invite your friends to become a Last Bottle Jedi and you’ll get $20 credit for every young Padawan who makes their first purchase. This might also be a good time to install something like a Super auto-refresh extension to help ease the burden on your reload fingers.