HEAT+WINE = Fried wine! Summer has arrived and the heat is on around most of the U.S. Wine is a delicate beverage and doesn’t take to heat very well (think popped corks). We want to get your wine to you as fast and safely as possible (hey, we know, a glass of cold Sauv Blanc by the river, pool or beach is serious stuff!). We take the delivery of your wine very seriously, too, and have spent countless hours working out the logistics to get your purchases to you unharmed. So please see below for more summer shipping information on our summertime shipping programs here at Last Bottle. We think they are the BEST in the biz!!

Please reference the lovely colored map above for what state your shipping options relate to, and then check out our super-cool (and surprisingly affordable) options. Please note – during the warm summer months we will hold your wine, free of charge if you select that option. If you do choose the hold option, we typically typically start shipping in early/mid fall.

Pink States Shipping Options:

1. Hold
2. Ground with Ice Pack ($2 charge)
3. Ground (we will not be responsible for damage if you choose this option)

Blue and Green States Shipping Options:

1. Refrigerated Ground to Hub (NO Extra Charge to you)
2. Refrigerated Ground w/Ice Pack ($7 Charge)
3. Hold

Yellow States Shipping Options:

1. Refrigerated Ground w/Ice Pack ($7 Charge)
2. Hold
3. Ground (we will not be responsible for damage if you choose this option)

Refrigerated Ground? What is it?

This is a pretty sweet option. When you choose “Refrigerated Ground” your orders will be packed each week and picked up on Thursday by a fully refrigerated truck. They will then travel across the country to a shipping hub near you. At that time your order will be scanned by the carrier (only then will your tracking number become active) and go out normal ground via UPS/FEDEX for delivery to you. Nice!

Refrigerated Ground With Ice Pack?

The ROCKSTAR option. Our go-to for summer shipping 100 percent. Same as above except at the hub where your package is dropped off an ice pack will be added to your shipment and it will then go out ground. Do we care or what??

What will this mean for shipping times for refrigerated ground?

If you place your order on a Monday it will not leave our warehouse until Thursday. It will then travel safely all weekend on an icy-cold refrigerated truck and typically arrive mid-next week to go out ground. Depending on the date of order it will slow shipment times by approximately 1 week because of the consolidation of orders.

Why the histrionics? Why can’t I ship like I normally do?

Wine is a perishable product that must be kept below a certain temperature (think fish, or chocolate) and if it is exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time, it will cook (think boiled strawberries, or prunes…). If your wine is cooked, it won’t taste right. We take extreme care in getting you the exact product we advertise and that’s what this email is all about!!