The Simple Way To Save Even More $$ On Wine

Chances are your friends and family also drink wine (if not, please consider finding new friends). While we know it’s fun to show of your wine swagger and pop open great bottles to share, you can only fill up Uncle Jerry’s glass so many times before feeling like the supermarket special wine he brings to the table doesn’t compare to your fine offerings.

You already know we offer great deals on wine every day. But that’s just one way we help keep your glass full. In addition to offering free shipping, $25 credit for purchasing the actual “last bottle” in an offer, and 2% cash back on every purchase, we have a popular “refer-a-friend” program.

Wine glass on a wooden background
Ryan from Ft. Lauderdale has already earned $1,200 in credits this year!

Why not do yourself and your friends a favor and click here to send an invite to become a Last Bottle Wines member? They’ll get $5 credit to use toward their first purchase and you’ll get $20 credit in your account when they decide to hook themselves up with a few bottles.

Everybody wins!

Feature photo: Life is Sharing, Adam Levine

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