The spider webs are draped, pumpkins carved, and ghoulish costumes perfected. Everything’s ready, but as you prepare to host your Halloween bash there’s just one problem – that fancy Bordeaux seems out of place. Not to worry, because there’s a wine for every occasion. Thanks to some adventurous producers with a taste for the macabre you can find a spooky Halloween wines that fit the bill. That’s not hard. If you actually want to drink the stuff then check out some of our favorite spooky wines that won’t terrify your taste buds. If taste isn’t a concern, and you just want to ante up the creep-factor, skip these Halloween wines. What you need is this baby-mice wine instead.

Reaper Cabernet


Armida Winery Poizin Zinfandel


Orin Swift Palermo


Bogle Vineyards Phantom


Charles Smith Velvet Devil Merlot


Michael David Freakshow

Freakshow wines are the perfect Halloween wines, the circus themed label is just killer!

Black Cat Cabernet


Orin Swift Mannequin

This Mannequin label is ideal for your creepy Halloween wines

From blood-red blends to ghostly whites, these hauntingly delicious libations can add an extra layer of frightful delight to your celebration. Whether you’re sipping by candlelight or pairing them with ghoulish treats, these wines can bring and eerie charm to the festivities. As you bid farewell to the shadows and cobwebs, remember to keep these wicked wines in mind for future — beyond the spooky gatherings. Until next Halloween, cheers to wickedly good times!