Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a big wine fridge to hold your collection, or even better, a custom wine cellar in your home. If not, you probably have bottles stacked in your cool garage and littering the kitchen counter. What better way to organize them than with a wine rack? Below are ten examples of DIY wine racks you can probably build, even if most crafts you’ve worked on required a glue stick and construction paper.

Pallet rack

After you spend a few hours removing all the nails from a pallet, and then the splinters from your hand, you can use that wood to make some pretty cool stuff.



Modern A Frame

Here’s a simple, clean, and modern style rack that only requires a hole saw, thin wood, and a bit of string.



PVC Rack

It really doesn’t get much easier than this surprisingly stylish art-deco inspired wine rack made from PVC pipes.



Crate rack

Get out the hole saw and transform an old crate into something useful.



DIY Riddling rack

Take a section of fence, drill some holes, and voila – a riddling rack just like the Champagne houses use!



Birch tree wine rack

This is probably the hardest one, since not all of us have birch trees nearby, or the wherewithal to cut one down. But it sure does look good inside this home!



Vertical wood rack

This popular design blends modern and rustic styles and would compliment just about any decorating style.



Colorful coffee can rack

Who would have thought used coffee cans would look so good?



Pipe connectors

This industrial style rack is for sale on Etsy, but we think you could just as easily visit Home Depot and build one yourself for a fraction of the cost.



Live edge wood rack

Reclaimed wood with “live edges” always looks good in any application, especially when it’s being used to hold wine.



There you have it – go forth with your newfound inspiration and create something awesome!