If you’re among the throngs of wine lovers who often wonder what a flame-grilled Whopper might taste like in liquid form, wonder no more. Burger King just announced the release of their “Whopper Wine” to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their first store opening in Spain. Their goal is to use the wine as part of a campaign to entice loyal customers to share their favorite Burger King story (ah, the day I had my first chicken fry) for a chance to win one of 40 bottles.


Part of their aim was to create a wine that actually pairs with the Whopper, and to that end the wine has been aged in oak barrels that received a toast from an actual Burger King broiler. The contest is only available for residents in Spain, so unfortunately those of us living in the states will probably never experience what must be a profound vintage.

An actual quote from their commercial:

“With the help from oenologists and sommeliers, we have innovated the winemaking process.”



In conclusion, the concept of the Wine presents a fascinating innovation in the world of winemaking, albeit one that remains tantalizingly out of reach for most. This unique blend, crafted using grape skins from Burger King’s flame-grilled Whopper burgers, pushes the boundaries of traditional winemaking techniques.

While it may never be commercially available to the general public, its creation sparks curiosity and conversation about the intersection of culinary arts and viticulture. It serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities for experimentation and creativity within the realm of winemaking. The Whopper Wine’s elusive nature adds an air of mystique, leaving us to wonder about the potential flavors and nuances that this unconventional wine might possess. Ultimately, while we may never have the opportunity to taste this enigmatic creation, the Whopper Wine stands as a symbol of the ongoing quest for innovation and the ability of food and beverage to intertwine in unexpected ways.