Need some wine gifts for mom? We have you covered.

No doubt your mom will love a bouquet of popcicle stick flowers, even if you’re 36 years old. But do you know what mom really wants? Hint: it’s NOT a new line trimmer like dad suggested. While nothing beats a good homemade gift, maybe you should hook her up with some wine swag.  Especially if you ever submitted anything like this while you were in school:


Let’s face it, wine helps mom stay happy and it’s pretty good for her too. Considering your mother went nine months without her daily dose of Chardonnay (we hope) it only seems right to make up for it. With that in mind we gathered a few gift ideas.

Mothers day wine glass

You can’t argue, she deserves a heavy pour.

Via Not on the High Street


Wine sippy cups

Good luck sipping Merlot from a 23 oz Balto while holding your newborn and chasing a toddler away from dog poop. These plastic sippy cups won’t shatter, keeping her juice safe and preventing anyone from getting lacerated.

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Red Wine Earrings

A perfect accessory for the next parent-teacher conference to discuss your child’s artwork.

Via Blooming Boutique


The wine rack

Like a nursing bra, but not. Holds up to 750ml of your favorite Chardonnay. Just be warned, you might get some weird looks when your chest starts reducing in size – especially if you’re a guy like me.

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Bigmouth wine glass

Remember how she went those nine months without wine? This will help her make up for it.

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#1 Mom Glass

Holds 13 ounces of mommy’s favorite medicine.

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A Bottle of Wine

Let’s just go for the obvious, and suggest you head to your favorite retailer to secure a bottle or three of her favorite wine.


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