We could come up with a never ending list of reasons, but their validity might be called into question coming from us. Luckily there are plenty of people sciencing the s#!t out of wine, which gives us real, legitimate reasons to drink the stuff. So yea, our book of excuses might not come with a peer-backed university study, but at least we can pad our un-scientific claims between their lofty findings. So next time that question about “how many drinks do you have per week” pops up on your medical intake form, feel free to answer truthfully – because science says it’s alright!

It lowers your risk of getting cataracts

A 2001 study in Iceland found red wine drinkers had a lower occurrence of cataract development.

Your boss asked you to work the weekend

Ummm, I’m gonna need you to go ahead come in tomorrow. Mmmkay? Maybe you can turn that obscene request around with a bottle of your favorite Shiraz.

Wine enhances flavors in all sorts of foods

Because who needs a therapist

Wine has been proven to reduce depression in some people.

A bottle of wine makes for a romantic date

When your spouse is gone and your friends aren’t around, a bottle of wine serves as a great cheap date.

A glass or two helps your conversational skills flow

There’s a reason Hemingway said “Write drunk. Edit sober.”


It makes you a better judge of character


You’ll have a lower risk of heart disease

All thanks to flavonoids, those things proven to help keep your heart healthy.

It’s technically a fruit

You do need a daily serving after all…

Wine will always be the classy choice

Would you rather wake up to an empty 12-pack of Budweiser, or a solo bottle of Pinot Gris?


It makes you more attractive

One study showed that a glass of wine flushes your cheeks, dilates pupils, and loosen your facial muscles, making you more attractive to the opposite sex.

It’s good for your sex life

While you’re busy looking more attractive, one study suggests wine might also come in handy later that night.

It keeps your brain in tip top shape

Who needs Lumosity when you have bubbles? Seriously, just down a couple glasses each week and call it “brain exercise“.


It’s basically a form of exercise

Your brain isn’t the only muscle that gets a workout. The University of Alberta found resveratrol improves physical performance, muscle strength, and heart function.


You can pretend to know about wine, even if you know nothing about wine

Just commit a few stock phrases to memory, like “it needs to open up” or “this is fairly fruit-forward” and you’re good.