If the world was ending tomorrow, what wine would you pull from your collection to enjoy during the final hours?

Whether you have a huge cellar or a modest little wine fridge, I bet there’s at least one bottle hidden in the darkest corner collecting dust. You’re waiting for a special occasion to drink it – yet you’ve celebrated a dozen birthdays, moved into a new house, ran a marathon, and saw your first born graduate college while it rested there. Maybe you even picked it up a few times, contemplated opening it, and decided it wasn’t the right time.

So it remains hidden away.

For twelve years Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher contributed to the WSJ “Tastings” column, exploring the history, geography, and relationships surrounding wine. One question readers always seemed to ask them was, “what bottle should I open” and in response the couple was inspired to create a wine holiday they dubbed “Open that bottle night” where people rescue a special wine from their collection to share with friends.

Their aim isn’t to encourage people to open their most expensive bottle, the highest scoring one, or whatever best compliments a meal. At its core, OTBN is about connecting with people over a glass of wine and uncorking a great memory. Most of the special bottles we keep hidden away have a story, some sentimental value behind them. Maybe you bought a killer Cabernet from a tiny producer on a weekend getaway to wine country, or a Barolo while traveling Piedmont on your honeymoon, or a close friend gave you a 100-point Hundred Acre for your 50th birthday.


The point is to share that story with friends. Whether you host an elaborate dinner party for a dozen friends, or simply share it with your spouse, the point is to revisit that special story and in the process create a new one worth remembering. So this Saturday, February 27th summon every ounce of courage and liberate a bottle from your stash to share with friends. Because really, can you think of a good reason NOT to open it? Don’t think of it as losing a special bottle you’ve been saving but instead as gaining a new experience.

Let us know what you might open in the comments below, and if you’re on Twitter or Instagram please share your pick using the #OTBN hashtag and tag us @LastBottleWines. You can also share your selection on the official OTBN Facebook page and of course, be sure to let Dorothy and John know – you can find them on Twitter @winecouple.

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