After a hearty dinner the night before of “pici” (the local handrolled spaghetti-like pasta) and THICK, super-rare bistecca alla Fiorentina drizzled with local olive oil in the company of the Buon Tempo staff, we slept in to prepare for Day Two. We rose early to take in the morning view, drink coffee and eat a banana. Then we piled into the Scudo to drive 30 minutes to LA FORTUNA, in the heart of Montalcino.

The beautiful rolling hills of Montalcino.

This is 100% a family operation if there ever was one, run by the father/son duo of Angiolino (son) and Gioberto Zannoni (father) and his wife Felicetta. They were just about finished with the 2015 Sangiovese harvest, and were struggling with a jammed pump in the winery as we arrived —  the male Zannoni’s and three cellar workers all animatedly discussing the best way to un-jam it. This was quickly forgotten as they left the small problem to the interns so they could show us around their stunning but humble property.


Brent does some careful analysis on a jammed press upon arrival at La Fortuna.

First, a look at the sweeping view of their vineyards they have owned since 1907. Second, a look at 3 pallets of wine wrapped in the storage area and destined for Last Bottle. Woo hoo!! Third, sampling two-day old Sangiovese in the middle of its primary fermentation — ambrosia…incredible.

Fresh Sangiovese

Sampling some fresh pressed Sangiovese. Delicious!

Then we walked the vineyards – discussing the differences of the Rosso grapes and what will be Brunello….tasting and hearing about the ’15 vintage (which by all accounts is off the charts). Then, well, it was time for lunch!! This is a family affair at La Fortuna, and a large table was set so as to include the WHOLE family, the cellar workers, Dad and the grandkids. Mom made lunch — veggies with La Fortuna olive oil, sliced local meats, then more of the aforementioned “pici” (with two sauces) slow cooked lamb, and the local wild boar (chinghiale) served two ways, one rather adventurously as it was livers wrapped in pork belly and fried in olive oil (not for the shy)! This lavish, rustic, awesome lunch was of course accompanied by TEN vintages of La Fortuna wines —- EPIC!!


Viva la Sangiovese!

There is so much to be excited about for the upcoming vintages here….what a day! After a nap/walk/swim, we ate dinner at the excellent Boccon di Vino in Montalcino, a quick drive from our house — a fine place for a more modern take on Italian food and a large, varied wine list with a good selection of older vintages. Off to bed!

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