Here’s this week in Wine News October 23, 2015.

White Wine Is Healthy Too

Earlier this week we shared some great research highlighting the various health benefits of red wine. Great news of course – but what about the white wine lovers out there? As it turns out, white wine has many of the same health benefits as red. At the rate we consume both red and white we should easily live past 100!

Bordeaux Shifting Values

In Bordeaux, where growers have been growing the same varieties for decades, a change is in the air. With rising temperatures culminating in the second hottest summer on record, they are considering planting new varietals. Merlot is the dominant grape at the moment, accounting for 60% of the red wine plantings, but growers are opting to plant more heat-tolerant varietals like Petit Verdot. Meanwhile the Bordeaux wine board is pushing for changes to the AOC regulations that limit the types of grapes that can be grown.

Chanel Buys St. Supery

Fashion icon Chanel announced the purchase of iconic Napa winery St. Supery for an undisclosed sum. This is their first wine acquisition outside France. They aren’t the first fashion brand to diversify holdings by investing in the California wine industry. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH) owns both Chandon and Krug.